Color Producer


No longer for sale.

The process of experimenting with color is frustratingly slow - even when you use the developer tools included in browsers. Finding the right CSS properties is time consuming, and requires digging through the DOM tree. Due to this we settle on sub-par designs.

Color Producer aims to fix that by giving you a productive way to explore uses of color in your website designs. Changes are instant and ideas can be tested in seconds rather than hours.

Learn more at the Color Producer Website.

Nap Slide


No longer for sale.

Nap Slide is a nap timer for people who frequently use naps to power through their day. It is quick to set, easy to use, and highly customizable! If you regularly take naps but are tired of fiddling with alarms and settings this is the app for you!

Starting a nap takes just a second, and when you wake up you simply press stop - there are no stored alarms to delete!


  • Quick and easy to find the right time/duration
  • No alarms to delete when you wake up
  • Over 25 built in alarm sounds (both annoying and subtle)
  • Background noise (to soothe you to sleep)
  • Over 10 background noises
  • Vibrate when alarm sounds (not available on iPad)
  • Optional snooze (with configurable duration and count)